[Sports] Fintech company Chiliz partnered with UFC

Posted on May 10, 2020, 5:54 p.m.

It was revealed that Chiliz, a sports fintech company specializing in fan engagement based on blockchain technology, has partnered with UFC, the world's largest mixed martial arts organization.

Based on blockchain technology, Chiliz aims to reduce the distance between fans and clubs or athletes, and through the fan voting and reward app "Socios.com", we provide solutions to the fan engagement issues facing the sports and entertainment industry.

You can participate in voting events held by the club and earn rewards such as special experiences by possessing the Marketplace function within the Socios.com app and holding fan tokens sold and sold on Chiliz.net.

With this partnership, UFC will be able to hold various promotions for sports fans around the world, and it is expected that the brand will be well known on a global scale.

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