Types of side job, how to find side jobs

Posted on May 21, 2020, 8:24 p.m.


You can post videos on YouTube and earn advertising revenue. It is said that the playback unit price per time is 0.1-0.8 cent, and popular YouTuber has an annual income of over 1 million dollars.

Google Adsense

It is a way to earn by posting a Google banner ad on your blog or site and getting the ad clicked. It is difficult to get a large number of readers, but once you got readers, you can earn income without doing anything.


It's a method to post an ad on your own blog, etc., and a reward will be generated when a customer makes a purchase at the advertising company. It's a little hard to get the reward, but the reward is pretty high. If you can get the affiliates on track, you can earn a few thousands of dollars a month.

Answer Questionnaire

It is a method of earning income by answering the questionnaire requested on the questionnaire website. Since some smartphone app provides questionnaire, you can easily earn income by answering the questionnaire lightly during your free time.


It's a way to make money by writing blog articles and writing requested articles. This is a highly recommended way to earn money if you like writing. You can easily start because you can work from home.

Online auction

It is a way to earn income by selling things you no longer need at auction.

Currency Exchange

This is way to make money by exchanging foreign currencies. If you buy a Japanese Yen cheap and sale with higher price, you can earn the money from the difference.

Stock Market

Investment in stock is similar to exchange currencies, but stock is a way to invest into companies. Publicly available stocks are traded by a lot of investors and traders. So, the values of stocks are going up or down so often. Purchase stocks at cheap and sale with a higher value, then you can earn money from it.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. The number one in the market capitalization ranking, the price has risen to about 2,500,000 times in seven years, so many people have heard the name. Bitcoin has no intermediary organization, so you can trade for free or at a low fee. In addition, since it is not settled via a bank, there is no need for troublesome procedures.

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